Performance Boards

P. Rocket

Size Range: 5'6 - 6'10

Our most popular model, a small wave "daily driver".  With a relaxed entry rocker, the P Rocket paddles well and gets into waves early.   The accelerated tail rocker allows it to make tight, controlled turns and the full single concave makes it fast and responsive in smaller, less powerful surf. Good for intermediate to advanced surfers in waist to slightly overhead surf.

Fin setup: thruster, quad or five fin  

The Standard Issue

Size Range: 5'8"-7'4"

This is your standard "Slater era" performance shortboard.  This model is designed for barrel hunting and hard, rail-to-rail, vertical surfing.  It has a more pronounced, continuous rocker from nose to tail and a full single concave that accelerates into the fins before flattening out as it exits the tail.  Good for intermediate to advanced surfers in fast, powerful shoulder high to overhead surf.

Fin setup: thruster, quad

El Verdugo

Size Range: 6’0”-7’2”

A step-up designed for heavier surf, the Verdugo model has a pulled in, rounded pin tail to provide speed and hold in steep, hollow sections.  The narrower nose helps to prevent it from getting caught by offshore winds on late take-offs and the single to double concave make it fast and responsive in the most critical parts of a wave.  This model also features lower, softer rails to give the rider the control they need to make it out of the deepest barrels.  Designed for intermediate to advanced surfers in powerful, overhead waves

Fin setup: thruster, quad

Photo Apr 19.jpeg

No Excuse

Size Range: 7'0"-8'4"

Like its name suggests this model gives you no excuse to stay on the beach when the waves really start pumping. The No Excuse model features a pulled in, pin tail and has a “California gun” rocker.  A very slight concave under the front foot transitions to a spiral vee into the fins and out the tail.  This board is designed for advanced surfers in waves 8'-12'+ The heavier glass jobs and thick laminated stringers help ensure that this board will hold up in any conditions you can put it in.

Fin setup: thruster, quad







Ocean Beach Gun

Size Range: 8'0"-9'2"

This model is built for big, powerful surf.  It has a relaxed nose rocker when compared to Hawaiian guns which allows you to get into waves earlier and helps to keep the board from getting hung up in off-shore winds.  The wide point slightly ahead of center pushes the volume forward and gives a bigger platform on which to paddle, allowing you to dig deep and sprint when needed, whether to make it over an incoming set or to scratch into a bomb.  The Ocean Beach Gun is designed for experienced surfers only in   double to triple overhead surf.

Fin setup: quad, thruster, 2+1

Alternative Shapes

Mush Master

Size Range: 5'4"-6'6"

This board is designed as an alternative to your standard shortboard in small, sloppy, weaker surf.  The Mush Master is a full volume board with a straighter outline through the tail which creates speed and drive in less than ideal waves.  It feels more like a traditional shortboard than a fish and with a pronounced single concave to spiral vee out the tail this board creates speed to burn and stays loose and skatey in the pocket.  Designed for beginner to advanced surfers in shoulder high and below waves.

Fin setup: quad, five fin


Round Tail Fish (RTF)

Size Range: 5'5"-6'8"

As the name suggests the RTF is a classic fish template modified with a round "thumb" tail.  This board features a deep single concave under the front foot for speed and drive.  The single concave transitions to a double concave between your feet and into a vee out of the tail.  The forward volume allows the RTF to catch waves like a fish but the pulled in, round tail keep it loose for vertical surfing in the pocket.  The RTF is designed for surfers of all skill levels in small surf up to head high.

Fin setup: thruster, quad, five fin 






Size Range: 5'2"-6'2"

The simi-hull blends the outline of the wildly popular mini Simmons with the foil and contours of a 70's style displacement hull.  The full outline gives the board plenty of width and surface area to catch waves while the rolled bottom and pinched rails keep it loose and lively even in small, gutless surf.  The simi-hull is much more versatile than its full fledged mini Simmons cousins and the panel "vee" in the tail allows this model to surf much more vertically than their concave counterparts.  Ride it in a twin fin set up for loose, pivoting turns or with a quad setup for tighter turns and more projection off the bottom.

Fin setup: quad, twin (glass-on recommended)







Huevo Nuevo

Size Range: 6'2"-8'0"

A great "longboard" for people who don't want to give up their little thrusters.  The HN is the best of both worlds, its full outline and ample volume along with a familiar feeling single to double concave bottom contour, you can trim and glide while still being able to duck dive and pump down the line. This board will put a smile on even the most ardent shortboarders face.  Great for beginner to advanced surfers in weaker waves chest high and below.

Fin setup: single fin, 2+1, thruster, quad, five fin

Neo-classic Fish

Size Range: 5'4"-6'4"

Classic lines with a modern twist. This fish blends the best of the 70's design aesthetic with modern performance.  With slightly more rocker all around than a traditional fish, this board will perform modern turns and maneuvers.  The hard, down rails from nose to tail still give the Neo-classic Fish fast, down the line speed with minimal rider input.   A great board for beginner to intermediate surfers in knee to head high waves.

Fin setup: twin, quad

The Plover

Size Range: 7'0"-8'0"

The Plover is a mid length hull designed for small, fun, summer waves.  This board has a fully rolled bottom contour which transitions to a paneled vee out of the tail.  This board is designed to turn and trim in waves from knee to head high and excels in clean, point surf.  The Plover is great for beginner to advanced surfers who want a little extra foam for small days and for longboarders who are looking for a board for when it gets a little  bigger. 

Fin setup: 2+1







The Matador

Size Range: 6'2"-7'6"

A Gerry Lopez/Michael Peterson style single fin. This board has a classic outline and a subtle single concave under the front foot which transitions to spiral vee into the fin.   The concave gives the board projection on bottom turns and a more familiar feeling when compared to a thruster, the spiral vee provides more hold in steep sections of a wave.   The Matador is great for intermediate to advanced surfers who want to draw long, carving, full rail lines on fast, open faced waves up to 8'+

Fin setup: single fin, 2+1



Classic Pig

Size Range: 9'0"-9'8"

A timeless classic, the predecessor of performance shortboards and modern longboards alike. With its wide point behind center, full belly to vee bottom contour and a pulled in nose, this board trims and turns with minimal effort, great for all surfers in waves shoulder high and under.

Fin setup: single fin (glass-on recommended)







Knows Boogie

Size Range: 9'2"-10'2"

The Knows Boogie is a modern take on a traditional log.  It has a slight step deck with a concave under the nose and a subtly kicked rocker in the tail.  The 50/50 rails help this board turn and trim in any type of surf. The knows boogie is a great all around nose rider for a wide verity of surf and is designed for beginner to advanced surfers in knee to shoulder high surf.

Fin setup: single fin








Blunt Nose Pig

Size Range:9'2"-9'10"

The BNP is a spin off of the classic pig with a wider nose and more rocker in the tail.  It has slightly more roll in the bottom contour than a classic pig and more pinched rails.  These features make the BNP feel more like a classic log when trimming in the forward third of the board while maintaining the speed and maneuverability you would expect from a pig.

Fin setup: single D fin set back on the tail

Ocean Beach Longboard

Size Range: 9'0"-9'10"

A great beach break longboard for fast, punchy surf. The narrow nose, harder down rails and 2+1 fin setup make this board ideal for longboarders who want to surf powerful, wedgie waves more commonly ridden by smaller thrusters 

Fin setup: 2+1


The Moon Walker

Size Range: 9'2"-10'6"

A classic, dedicated nose rider.  This board is shaped off of a “reversed rocker”, the flat entry and subtle teardrop concave allow you to maximize your time on the nose.  The accelerated rocker in the last 18” of the tail let this model also perform hard cutbacks, stalls and other forms of "hot dogging". Good for all surfers in waves shoulder high and below.

Fin setup: single fin